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Q.     Are your courses for beginners?

Yes, all our courses are suitable for beginners, unless otherwise stated. If you have never done any calligraphy, please get in touch before enrolling, as you will need to do our introduction to calligraphy workshop first.


Q.      I did calligraphy years ago, am I a beginner?

You may not be a total beginner, but if you haven’t done any practice, it may be better for you to start from the beginning. Your previous experience in calligraphy will be an advantage, and soon enough you will be enjoying calligraphy again.


Q.    I am left-handed, can I still learn calligraphy?

Yes, of course!


Q.     How long it will take to learn calligraphy?

The learning process and the success of the course depend on the amount of practice each student can dedicate. Calligraphy is an art form that can be learnt by anyone, but only a few people actually master it. It all depends on your dedication.

Q.      Can calligraphy help to improve my handwriting?

Yes! Calligraphy will be a great help. If you are keen on improving your handwriting, rather than learning a new alphabet in calligraphy, I would suggest that you get in touch. It may be better to do a couple of private sessions, rather than a whole course.


Q.    The course/workshop I wanted to enrol on is sold out, what can I do?

It is great to know you want to join one of our courses/workshops. The best thing to do is to sign-up for our newsletter http://lovecalligraphy.co.uk/contact.html to stay informed of upcoming courses, so you don’t miss out.


Q.    Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we do. If a place in a course/workshop that is fully booked becomes available, we will send an email to everyone on the waiting list. The place will then be booked on a first-come-first-served basis.


Q.    What happens if I 'm unable to attend a workshop I've booked?

Bookings are non-refundable and non-changeable to a different workshop date, so please make sure you can attend the workshop before you book. We are sorry to say that if for any reason, you find yourself unable to attend a workshop at the last minute, we are unable to switch your booking to another date. If you let us know with a minimum of a week’s notice that you cannot attend a workshop you are booked on, we will try our best to offer the place to others on our waiting list. If we are successful we will happily refund you.


Q.    Are the classes suitable for children or adults only?

 We are both qualified to teach children and adults and have DBS certificates. Our current courses are designed for adults, but they can also work for secondary school age children. We have had in the past, mums and daughter/s attending to a workshop, and it tends to work very well. 
If you are interested in your child/children learning calligraphy, please get in touch and we can talk about it, as private lessons may be more suitable.


Q.    How long are the courses/workshops?

Please look at the information provided on each course/workshop, as they vary depending on which course you choose.


Q.    Do you give a calligraphy certificate or a diploma?



Q.    Is your studio accessible to wheelchairs? 

Our studio is on the ground floor, but there are three steps to enter the building. Unfortunately, we don't have a ramp for wheelchair access. Please get in touch with us if you would like to have more information about accessibility.


Q.    Where are the courses/workshops held? 

Our studio address is: 5 Old Oak Street, Didsbury Village, Manchester M20 6RH


Q.    When I book my class online, what will I receive?

You will be sent an email confirmation of your booking. No other e-tickets or posted tickets will be sent.


Q.    What materials do I need to buy?

In our first class, we always go through a range of tools and material needed for the course. You don’t need to buy anything up front. We provide all the material you need in class. You will also have the chance to try different pens, markers, nibs and inks, so you can decide what you would like to buy. 
In general, for our workshops, we provide a basic calligraphy kit you can take home with you.
We will also guide you where to buy your calligraphy materials.

Please note that the calligraphy ink we use during our courses/workshops can stain your clothes, so please dress accordingly.


Q.    Can I use my own materials?

Yes, of course. If you already have your own pens, nibs or markers, please bring them along, to make sure you have the correct equipment for the style you are learning.
We will also show you the best places to buy your calligraphy materials.


Q.   What will I learn in your courses?

The information for this is in the description of each course.


Q.    Do you run private classes?


Yes, we do! We can arrange private classes, corporate events & hen parties - just drop us an email to info@lovecalligraphy.co.uk with as much information as possible, and we will respond with a quotation. 


Q.    Do you do commissions?

Yes, we do! Ask us, we would love to hear from you: info@lovecalligraphy.co.uk


Q.    Can I learn with you how to write my wedding invitations?

Yes! But be aware that mastering calligraphy for your wedding will take time and a lot of practice. It is definitely possible to do, but it won’t be overnight. Modern calligraphy is usually presented as a very easy and friendly style to learn, but only as long as you can dedicate the time to mastering it.


Q.    Do you teach Arabic calligraphy?

Unfortunately not.


Q.    Do you teach Chinese calligraphy?

Unfortunately not.


Q.    Is your studio easy to reach by public transport?

Yes, our studio is located just a stone’s throw from Didsbury Village tram stop https://tfgm.com/public-transport/tram/stops/didsbury-village-tram

Also, there are several bus services connecting Didsbury Village to many areas of Manchester https://www.tfgm.com/public-transport/bus/stops/1800SB34141/23,142,171?_=1510216429643






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