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New courses starting from 17th May 2018

We believe that our handwriting expresses as much as the words we write and a piece of beautifully written work brings enjoyment to both, the writer and the reader.

This is your opportunity to learn a new skill, brush up on past acquired knowledge or improve your calligraphy skills by joining us in one of our sessions.

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In relation to the new regulations being introduced on the 25th May, we would like to put your mind to rest in regards to what we do with the information you provide us with. We have built our database of contacts over the past few years as calligraphy teachers and calligraphy professionals.


Love calligraphy is committed to protecting your privacy and data. We will only use the information we collect from course attendees or Love Calligraphy subscribers, or individuals giving direct consent to be emailed in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations.


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Data we collect from you:



Some personal data is given when you make a booking or enquiry, complete enrolment forms, sign up for our newsletter or by contacting us by telephone, e-mail or otherwise.


For our Newsletter, we only ask for your full name, email address and your preference in regards to calligraphy style and the times that courses are suitable to you. With this information we can respond to the demand and interest of our subscribers.


We use MailChimp as our online marketing provider, for the distribution of our Newsletter.


Information from students who enrol in our courses is NOT share with any other company or service provider.


Love Calligraphy only store information from students attending current courses. Every new term students are requested to enrol and re submit details. We only request students full name, email address, telephone contact number and an emergency contact number. We don’t ever request your bank details.

We run courses at Didsbury Studio on Traditional and Modern calligraphy. You will learn an individual hand or style on each course. This offers you the opportunity to learn, practise and complete a final project of your own choice.

Learn, practise and work on different techniques using calligraphy. You will meet people and share ideas while improving your calligraphy and crafty skills.

We offer a variety of Calligraphy services to suit your needs. Make an impact with handwritten invitations or personalising your products on your next special event!

Have a look in our gallery, where you will find examples and images for you to enjoy and be inspired.