Rosana and Love Calligraphy

I am a calligrapher, figurative artist and graphic designer. I started learning calligraphy at school when I was 12 years old and my passion for letters and typography continued throughout university. I have been practising calligraphy ever since, often incorporating lettering into my paintings and artwork.

Teaching calligraphy has now been my expertise for almost a decade. I had previously been a lecturer of Typography at the University of Buenos Aires, but it was only after starting a calligraphy club at my sons’ school that I realised my love for teaching. Things progressed naturally from there as I began to offer classes, workshops, and private lessons to adults. Fast forward ten years and many things have changed, but my dedication to providing the highest quality teaching to my students has not.

Calligraphy is a wonderful skill to hone, and my aim is to make the learning process an enjoyable and stress-free experience. That said calligraphy is by no means easy and, as with any skill, you have to give it the time and attention it deserves. Those who practise with focus and patience will discover the endlessly rewarding art form that is calligraphy, and perhaps even find themselves with a new career path.

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Bought as a birthday gift for my 17yr old daughter. She loved it -fabulous course- very well set up. Great teacher. Really helpful and very relaxing even as a beginner. Would def recommend and love to attend some other courses. Thank you for a lovely afternoon.

C. Williams

Very much enjoyed the course, it was great. Now I need to do some practice!

M. Rowlands

Rosana was a lovely teacher. Really informative and patient. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to get to grips with the basics. Thank you.

N. Archbold

Thanks so very much for the Introduction to Calligraphy course I attended on November 2nd. I love writing and I collect fountain pens and inks so what you offer is right up my street. I think you have a wonderful and relaxed set-up and the session was informative, enjoyable and productive. I came away having at least some fundamentals and enough to enable me to practise and to 'have a go'! I don't live in Didsbury [I wish I did!] but I do stay with my brother sometimes who lives very near you. If I lived there, I would certainly commit myself to another, longer, course. Sadly, that won't be possible. Thanks again and you deserve to succeed and prosper.

Kath Seredyn

I loved “Love Calligraphy” workshop this is my second time before beginning the Copperplate Course the teachers are informative... I can’t wait to begin my journey to becoming a master however long it takes this is a unique experience to Manchester!

Sean Campbell

I love Love Calligraphy! I have been a regular since 2017 and I always love learning with Rosana. The courses are fun, practical and educational, and the atmosphere is always very friendly and welcoming! 10/10!

K. Etemadi

I booked the course as a Christmas present for my girlfriend who thoroughly enjoyed it!


I absolutely loved the flourishing course and felt like I was learning something brand new for the first time in a while. I always find it a bit overwhelming when I'm reminded how much I've still to learn but you always break it down into manageable steps. Thanks for all your advice and guidance and can't wait for what you come up with next!

Caroline Turner

It was good to get back to calligraphy once again, and I felt completely confident in the safety steps Rosana has taken in the studio. I am looking forward to further courses and workshops as Rosana is an excellent tutor and is very knowledgeable and supportive. She makes everything interesting and enjoyable.

Chris Turner

Excellent introduction to calligraphy, the course certainly wet my appetite to do more. Great teacher and teaching methods!

A. Mckeever
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