Introduction to Calligraphy with Broad Edge pen




With so many calligraphy scripts (styles), it is very difficult to choose which one we like the most. But before you even start thinking which one you would like to learn, you need to know how to use the two main types of nibs, also called pens: pointed pen and broad edge penThe type of pen defines which scripts you can write. Knowing how to use the basic tools correctly from the beginning, will set you on the right path to start learning calligraphy.

In order to help you start learning calligraphy successfully, we offer two separate Introduction to Calligraphy workshops, one for each type of nib. This allows time and opportunity to try different nibs, markers, specialist pens, inks and papers. We will have plenty of time to practise basic strokes, letter formation and some flourishing, helping you to avoid common mistakes. A calligraphy kit is included to take home and continue your practice.

Workshop venue:
The Didsbury Parsonage Trust
The Old Parsonage,
Stenner Lane,
M20 2RQ

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Introduction to Calligraphy with Pointed Pen, Introduction to Calligraphy with Broad Edge pen, Brush Letters, French Roundhand, Modern Calligraphy, Flourishing


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